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Trusted in Trial

Allen Glaessner and WerthWhen you call yourself a trial attorney, you are promising your clients that in the event a trial is required, they will have experienced and skilled counsel who know their way around a courtroom. This skill and confidence to succeed only comes from having “been in the arena…”  Because of this hard earned experience, we understand trial is an arena of last resort, but one that clients must be  prepared for when faced with unreasonable and uncompromising adversaries.  With over 65 jury trials, and thousands of lawsuits resolved short of trial, the partners of this firm have established the trust of  their clients. Not because we say so, but because we have proven it in the courtroom.


Our Start

Dale Allen, Peter Glaessner, Mark Hazelwood and Steve Werth individually began practicing law between 1982 and 1989.  From Low, Ball & Lynch  LLP, through Lombardi, Loper, and Conant, LLP, they learned and developed their skills as trial attorneys from some of the very best and respected lawyers in Northern California.  And what they learned most of all is that being prepared for trial and having the respect of your peers as a skilled trial attorney leads to the best representation and best results.  Because if your adversary does not believe you are prepared, willing, and able to excel in trial, the client will pay more without the desired results.

This firm was formed in the belief that as trial attorneys, not simply litigators, our clients would get the best of both worlds.  AGHW’s focus is on early evaluation toward resolving a matter, sometimes even prior to the filing of a lawsuit, through directed investigation and possible intervention of a neutral party. If a lawsuit is filed, AGHW evaluates and budgets the lawsuit. An efficient discovery plan leading to a dispositive motion or resolution through mediation on the best terms for the client is pursued. Discovery is thought out and not shotgun. Throughout the litigation, teamwork is emphasized between AGHW and our clients as we strive to ensure the best representation is presented to the court and the adversary. AGHW is always ready and prepared to put the best trial skills forward should the adversary’s position require a trial.

The four partners have been in over 65 trials, defending police officers, nonprofits, public and private employers, and governmental entities. These lawsuits include wrongful death and catastrophic injury, cases involving dangerous condition of public property, private property, sexual misconduct, trucking and public bus accidents, employment trials in courts or administrative forums, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, whistle blowing, and wage and hours. With one partner a member of ABOTA, and the other three having nearly the qualifying number of trials to be proposed, few boutique firms have the number of experienced trial lawyers with the variety of experience as we do.

It has been the goal of each of the partners to share with clients their experience developed over the years.  “Paying it forward” is not simply a concept to throw about but a reality for the partners of this firm.  During the years of practice all of the partners have lectured at a variety of venues from PARMA, CAJPA, the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California, as well as personal appearances for clients in home offices all over the country.  It is our mission, not simply a claim, to provide our clients with the training and understanding of areas of law so they can better recognize and implement risk prevention, and then if brought into litigation, are better able to defend against the meritless lawsuits.